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KOReD offers a cost effective and state-of-the-art MBR MF membrane for advanced wastewater treatment.

KOReD’s membranes give you an excellent removal performance which is capable of high
water permeability, anti-pollution, and stability by forming the uniformed pore size with
not only the 2-layers membrane structures used the mixing of the raw materials but also
with the process control techniques by such membranes used the PES(Polyethersulfone)
hydrophilic material.

Features of Membrane Skin

KOReD membranes composed of hydrophilic material PES(polyethersulfone) give you superior anti-pollution &
water permeability differently from hydrophobic polymer materials (PTFE, and PP) under the circumstance of
treating high concentrated activated sludge like sewage & wastewater treatment process.

• The excellent water permeability under the circumstance of high concentrated sludge by the
    excellent hydrophilicity.

• The excellent anti-pollution under the circumstance of high concentrated sludge by the less
    absorptivity against organic matter such as protein, microorganism, and etc.

• Easy handling and installing due to no need to pretreatment process for making hydrophilic which
    is different from hydrophobic polymer materials.

KOReD’s membranes give you more stable hydrophilic on the water surface in contact
angles shown as below.

Flux in case of pure water

(Unit : LMH)

Category Contact Angle Flux in pure water
KOReD’s membrane 58.3˚ 410 LMH
Hydrophobic Membrane 64.9˚ 390 LMH

* Evaluation Condition : Suction pressure 0.5MPa
* LMH : liter/㎡.hr

The Stable Membrane by distribution of the regular pore size

The manufacturing process of KOReD’s flat sheet membrane is the NIPS(Non-Solvent Induced Phase Separation)
Process which consists of Casting process, Evaporation process, Immersion process, and Drying process.
Each process determines the shape of membrane pore, distribution of pore size, characteristics, and capacity
of membrane, especially, it provides with optimization of mixing non-solvent and solvent, and the superior
performance of turbidity by process control skill.

The Stable Membrane with 2-Layers Structure

KOReD’s flat membrane sheet consists of 2 layers membrane structure with
“membrane layer” ➡ “supporting layer” ➡ “membrane layer “, so that it makes preparation of membrane damages
in double against foreign bodies or debris introduced from raw water in sewage or wastewater treatment process.

● Security of stable treated water by 2 membrane layers structure.
● Supplying superior turbidity removal performance by the 2 membrane layers structure.

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    KOReD offers a cost effective
    and state-of-the-art MBR MF
    membrane for advanced waste
    water treatment.
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    KOReD provides you with lower
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    maintenace cost than others
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